Let the Power of Crystals Illuminate the Festive Gift-Giving Spirit and Make This Season Truly Magical

This holiday season, immerse your loved ones in the magical world of crystals and healing stones. Give the gift of positive energy, balance, and spiritual well-being with our carefully curated Crystal and Healing Stones Gift Guide. Each handpicked treasure is a unique and thoughtful way to spread joy, love, and healing during the festive season.

Explore our Crystal and Healing Stones Gift Guide and discover the perfect crystals and healing stones to make this season truly magical when you give the gift of holistic well-being and positive vibes. Radiate love, positivity, and good energy with gifts that resonate with the heart and soul.

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Premium Wooden Gift Box Set

The perfect gift assortment for new and seasoned crystal and stone lovers. Choose from a variety of collections: Chakra Balancing, Abundance and Prosperity, Calm, Chakra Travel, and Protection. Packaged in a wooden gift box these amazing crystals and stones also include an informative ebook. One gratified customer described “...they’re all very beautiful and the instant connection I had with them is amazing.”

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Zodiac Healing Crystals Gift Set

A Zodiac Healing Crystals gift set is an amazing personalized holiday gift. In addition to crystals, the highly desirable gift set includes a necklace, candle, guide, and more. Choose from the zodiac signs for a unique and memorable gift. “My step daughter loved this! She read all the reasons behind each stone and was enthralled!” wrote one delighted gift-giver.

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Chakra Tree of Life

A Chakra Tree of Life combines handcrafted artistry and the power of healing crystals and gemstones. Choose a multi-crystal tree, such as the seven chakra crystal tree, or choose from a wide variety of individual chakra trees. These feng shui bonsai-style trees serve multiple purposes making them a great gift. “My boss was really appreciative of this as a gift.” according to one thrilled gift-giver.

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Money Healing Crystals Pyramid

A stunning healing crystal pyramid is a great positive energy gift. Choose from a variety of crystal or stone arrangements to enrich your healing, soothing, and prosperous energy. “I am absolutely obsessed with this crystal pyramid. It is stunning!! I have so many crystals and crystal décor; but, this has become one of my absolute favorite pieces.” wrote one pleased owner.

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Deluxe Healing Crystals Wooden Box Set

A deluxe healing crystals boxed set is a positive energy gift for the crystal lover in your life. In addition to the chakra stones this deluxe kit, presented in a wooden box, includes rose quartz, amethyst, a chakra pendulum, an ebook, and more. According to a delighted gift recipient, ”I got this as a gift, it’s a lovely set, I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this item!”

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Chakra Candles with Crystal and Healing Stones

This unique set of scented Chakra candles combines natural soy wax, and essential oils with a crystal or healing stone. Each candle represents one of the seven major chakras to promote mind, body, and spirit wellness. “It makes a great gift -- the box, the candles, the quality is very high.” according to a pleased purchaser.

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Crystal Ball with Decorative Wooden Stand

A decorative polished gemstone ball with a wooden stand makes a wonderful gift. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, crystals, quartz, and stones for a personalized gift that will be remembered for years. According to a delighted intended gift-giver, “I ordered this as a gift and ended up keeping it because it is just stunning. It looks like a purple galaxy in a sphere.”

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Crystals and Healing Stone Bottled Set

For the crystal novice on your gift shopping list, this set of 50 assorted crystal chakra sones wish bottles is a wonderful gift. A delighted customer shared ,“I think this is a beautiful set of gemstones. Each bottle is clearly labeled, and securely fitted in a foam inner layer. I recommend it to anyone who’s either collecting gemstones or in need of rare stones.”

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Crystal Wand Set

Crystal wands are easily portable to help you keep them close by. This seven-piece set features highly polished wands that can assist you with pointing away negative energy. An impressed buyer shared “...The crystals are pristine. I was expecting something nice, but this is far beyond my expectations…”.

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Energy Chakra Healing Necklace

These beautiful dewdrop necklaces offer a variety of healing energy stones. Each necklace is packaged for giving with a card showing the healing energy stones and chakra alignment properties and a gift-ready pouch. One five-star gift-giver shared “...It was given as a gift, and the person who received loved it. It was so pretty I am considering buying one for myself.”

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