Gift that Unlock the Mystique of Angels which are a Profound Blend of Reality and Mystery

Belief in healing with angels is often rooted in spiritual or religious perspectives. Even for those who may not take the concept of angels literally, the idea can still hold symbolic or metaphorical significance. Angels may represent positive forces, inner strength, or the presence of something greater than oneself. This symbolism can offer a sense of hope and inspiration. The psychological benefits of having a positive mindset, hope, and a sense of purpose can contribute to overall well-being.

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Spun Glass Angel Ornaments

Celebrate the season with a collection of spun glass angel ornaments. Bring peace and celebration to the holiday season with these beloved ornaments. “These are an amazing value for the money.” wrote one delighted customer.

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Anne Neilson's Angels

This artistic and inspiring book is a wonderful gift for those interested in love, abundance, release, identity, and purpose. One thrilled gift recipient quickly became a gift-giver as well, “Beautiful! I received the book as a gift. I ordered 6 to give to family and friends.”

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3D Guardian Angle Crystal Ball

This 3D crystal ball is laser engraved with Angel figurines conveying love, happiness, and peace. The crystal ball comes with a silver LED stand featuring configurable color options. One delighted customer remarked that they purchased  “...this for a very special friend and she loves it. It is beautiful! Excellent quality and easy to use!.”

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Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-painted Angel

Willow Tree’s beloved figurines and gifts are a special way to convey the emotion and power of angels. Each original is hand carved by Artist Susan Lordi in your studio in Kansas City. They seek to convey the ability to heal, comfort, protect, and inspire. The figurines celebrate special friends, family, and events along the journey of life. This intricate angel figurine depicts "Memories... hold each one safely in your heart". Enjoy the entire collection here.

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Angel of Love Figurines

This enchanting guardian angel celebrates love as it lifts the spirits and seeks to inspire comfort and healing. The changing color LED lights are battery powered.

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Solar Powered Praying Angel Figurine

This praying angel that is watching over will Illuminate the outdoors with a solar-powered LED light. Perfect for any outdoor space with direct light, this unique garden angel statue hand hand-painted. One delighted customer wrote “It looks beautiful in my garden. I also got one as a gift.”

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Angel Snow Globe Lighted Lantern

This enchanting lantern-style light and music box delivers the magic and mystery of angels. The sculpture represents the “...purity, innocence, peace, and the Holy Spirit”. Reminiscent of a snow globe, this USB or battery-operated lantern is a centerpiece. One delighted customer shared “...Very giftable! Bought and sent to my best friend, she loved it!...”

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Love You Mom Angel Figurine

If you’re looking for a gift for Mom, consider this Angel that celebrates your love for her. This beautiful angel figure is inscribed with "Love You Mom; A Mother Holds Her Child's Hand For A Short While But Holds Their Heart Forever”. A customer shared “...Love love love! The angels are nicely crafted, painted, and are just beautiful!”.

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Spun Angel Ornament Set with LED Lights

Angels can enchant the holiday tree this season. This set of 12 Angel LED lights brings sparkle to a holiday tree. “The lights fade in and out as they change color, giving the little angels a very lovely look. Everyone liked them…” wrote one joyous purchaser.

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Blessed to Have a Friend Like You Figurine

This beautiful hand-painted angel figurine is a wonderful gift for a treasured friend. Customers like the appearance, quality, sentiments, and value of this figurine. One pleased gift-giver shared “It was beautiful! I gave this to a friend, just to let her know how much I treasured her friendship and she loved it!”

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