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All of the brands underneath Cosmic Media are some of the largest brands in the Self Help, leadership, spirituality, and business spaces like Manifesting.com, TheLawofAtttraction.com, Astrology.tv, Numerologist.com, and many more. Take a look at all of the brands you will be aligning with.

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Great people are kind of hard to find, and we’ve already got them as part of the team. To be able to share resources like that has been awesome–sharing each other’s assets, sharing each other’s intellectual property. The patent that I’ve got is a big deal to try and license to anyone else, but anyone within Cosmic will be able to use it. We all benefit and we all grow.
Blair Gorman
It’s just incredible how everything has just come together; I’m really blown away. Astrology is a tool for self understanding, personal growth, manifestation. The brands in the Cosmic Media fold are about manifestation in different avenues, and it’s incredible how the mantra has been around personal growth and personal development. I mean, it’s really, really empowering.
Kelli Fox
Jason Myers is one of my dearest friends. I trust him implicitly.  The beauty of my involvement, what Cosmic Media brings for me, is the ability for me to just focus on what I do best, and some of my best buds are in Cosmic Media too. I'm excited about the possibilities. I'm excited about the connections and creativity and the ability to learn and to grow with who I think are just very high vibe people.
Paul Hoffman
Sculpting Your Life
It’s been awesome joining with like-minded people who have a commitment to get work such as mine out into the world. I see Cosmic Media as the vehicle that allows me to live my legacy. I can’t do this forever, and through the brilliance that Cosmic offers, I see the ability to expand my work. I’m totally grateful for the partnership.
Dr Joe Rubino
Vision Works Publishing

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